Online Exams
How it Works

Some information about the testing process: Rules & Protocols

You will be taking a Video Supervised FCC Amateur Radio Exam

We will outline some rules here to help your exam go smoothly.

  • Your exam will have (3) Volunteer Examiners present.
  • Above all, you need to maintain the integrity of the online test environment.
  • Your video session with us will be recorded. You consent to this recording by taking the exam.
  • You require proper ID to take this exam. 

Testing Session Checklist: 

  • Your ID for the examiner to see on the camera. It must readable over your video link.
  • If the examiner requests, you can text a picture of your drivers license or other ID.
  • You have paid your exam fees and scheduled your exam!
  • You studied! and have been passing sample exams at 80% or better, consistently.
  • Clear the room before the exam, provide sufficient time to not be disturbed during the exam.
  • You may be asked to remove certain items from the room during your exam to preserve the integrity of the exam.
  • NO reference materials of any kind
  • Make sure you have already gotten an FRN# from the FCC! – Important – See this

About your online exam:

  • The exam questions are randomly created using the exact questions that are currently published in the current question pool
  • You may skip questions, go back, review or change your answer at anytime up until you click “SUBMIT”.
  • Upon completing your exam, it will be graded instantly, and you will know the results.
  • We can not share with you ‘what you got wrong’ or which answers were incorrect. This information is usually not available to your examiner.
  • Don’t leave any answers BLANK. The online testing system will not let you finish the exam unless you have answered all questions. GUESS, only if you have to! You might get it right. 
  • CALCULATOR USAGE: You may use your local computers’ calculator application, on screen only. No physical calculators can be used. (Windows button > Start > Calc)
  • Don’t ask your examiner any questions regarding the exam content once the exam has begun.
  • You may only ask about any technical problems that may be occurring during the exam.
  • Again remember that the ‘Examiners’ have sole discretion over your exam session.

After your exam:

Want to take another EXAM? You can immediately take the next level exam upon passing the previous exam. Go from Tech to General, or General to Extra at the same session.

  • After successfully passing your exam you still need to do some paperwork.

  • Your examiners need a COMPLETED FCC FORM 605/605E or your license can not be processed by the FCC.

  • Your examiners will walk thru the 605 form online with you, it will be electronically signed by you with the examiners and transmitted to the examiners.

  • The examiners will verify that the form is correct and submit the form to the VEC W5YI License Manager for processing

  • The FCC will send an email to your email address on the 605 FORM with a link to print your new license.

  • You will be provided a CSCE (Certificate of Successful Completion) for your passing exam. This can be emailed to you.

  • Licenses are no longer mailed to you from the FCC. If you have difficulty getting and printing  your license, please contact us. We can help you thru the process of getting an official printed license.